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ECTP has the pleasure to welcome 2 other Applicant Organisations

The following organisations have recently applied for ECTP membership:

AIMPLAS is a Spanish non-profit technology centre with 30 years of experience in the plastics industry. They provide solutions to companies throughout the value chain, from raw material manufacturers to plastic processors and end users.

Technology and cutting-edge equipment

  • Over 12000 m2 of facilities with cutting-edge technology.
  • Over 35 pilot plants are available to test all plastic processing applications, including thermoplastic, thermoset and composite processing.
  • Laboratories with the highest number of accreditations for plastics according to the UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard.


  • Add value to companies so that they can create wealth and provide employment.
  • Work to solve the challenges facing the use of plastic in today’s society in order to improve people’s quality of life and ensure environmental sustainability.

Wiener Stadtwerke GmbH
is the most important infrastructure service provider in the Greater Vienna metropolitan area. lt is wholly owned by the City of Vienna. Austria's largest municipal infrastructure service provider is a major economie driving force in Vienna with a turnover of €4,3 billion (2021) and approximately 15,000 employees. The Group includes Austria's largest energy provider, Wien Energie, Austria's largest combined network provider Wiener Netze, Vienna's main public transport provider Wiener Linien, the passenger and freight transportation company Wiener Lokalbahnen, Vienna's first parking operator WiPark, Bestattung and Friedhëfe Wien (burials and cemeteries) and  FacilityComfort, a facility management company and GWSG, a utility housing company.

Over the next five years, EUR 400m will be invested in projects ranging from the conversion of electricity generation through to renewable energy initiatives. Vienna has kicked off a photovoltaic initiative: Wien Energie will install solar panels on 70,000 m2  of roof area across 20 Wiener Linien public transport buildings, turning these into solar power stations. These power stations will produce up to 3,500 megawatt-hours of solar-generated electricity, which will then be used to power lighting, escalators and lifts at public transport stations. This will lead to a reduction of 2,000 tonnes of C02 per year. What's more, we will also assess whether photovoltaic systems can be installed on ali future construction projects. And for those who are unable to install solar panels on their own roofs, they can secure their own share - in the form of voucher bundles - in solar power stations for citizens, such as Austria's largest photovoltaic plant in Vienna's Donaustadt district. This allows everyone to do their part in driving climate reversai forwards, while also securing a 2% return on their investment.

With these 2 new applications, there is currently a total of 10 organisations to be formally admitted by the ECTP General Assembly on 7 June 2023.