Materials & Sustainability

Construction materials for a sustainable future.

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The VERAM project aims to include all relevant aspects of non-food, non-energy raw materials related research and innovation. It challenges the current compartmentalisation into scientific disciplines and fragmentation into industry sectors to increase synergies and facilitate uptake of research results

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You can access here the detailed programme for the upcoming ECTP Conference organised…

The European Partnership on Metrology Call 2024 addresses the following topic areas:

The European Commission has launched a new and improved version of the EU Building Stock…

Organisation database

You can search the ECTP Members per country and per category in the Organisation database.

Position Paper

Download the M&S Committee Position Paper here.

About ECTP

ECTP was launched by the construction sector in October 2004 to develop new R&D&I strategies to improve competitiveness, meet societal needs and take up environmental challenges. It gathers more than 150 Member organisations from the whole supply chain of the Built Environment.

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