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As part of the European Construction, built environment and energy efficient building Technology Platform ECTP, the Materials & Sustainability (M&S) Committee brings together ECTP stakeholders interested in “Materials and Sustainability”. The committee provides an efficient platform for its members to develop and pursue construction material and sustainability related RDI topics which help fostering sustainable construction in urban environments.

Materials form the basis of any kind of construction. They determine the foundation, the structural strength and aesthetic expression of constructions and thus provide safety and comfort for all members of society. Due to the volumes needed, the construction sector is the largest raw material consuming industry. In Europe, the volume of construction materials used exceeds two billion tons per year. At the same time, the properties and combinations of materials also determine the properties of the building or the infrastructure for which they are used. An example is the energy demand of buildings that can be largely improved if materials with insulating properties are used. Even small improvements in the environmental performance of construction materials provide huge overall beneficial impacts. Improvements in functional durability constitute an example of significant economical relevance.

As part of its key activities the Material and Sustainability Committee developed and regularly updates a common Vision and Strategic Research Agenda for all construction material stakeholders.  The vision builds on key societal challenges which clearly need to be addressed over the next decade and where innovations in construction materials will make a difference: Climate change, circular economy and resource preservation, competitiveness and economic viability, health and safety, and user comfort as recently summarized in a Position Paper to provide insight into current and upcoming construction material related key-challenges that deserve to be addressed within Horizon Europe (FP9).

ECTP Material & Sustainability Committee Chair: Christian Artelt (HeidelbergCement)

ECTP M&S Committee Executive Board Members

  • HEIDELBERGCEMENT (Christian Artelt, Chair)
  • CENTRO CERAMICO (Maria Chiara Bignozzi)
  • EMI (Anita Terjek)
  • IETcc-CSIC (Maria Cruz Alonso)
  • NOBATEK/INEF4 (Benjamin Laclau)
  • PTPC (Claudia Ferreira)
  • STAM (Stefano Carosio)
  • STRESS (Marco Iuorio)
  • TECNALIA (Iñigo Vegas)
  • TEKNIKER (Amaya Iguartua)
  • VTT (Petr Hradil)