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How to avoid errors when claiming costs in H2020 grants

The European Commission's Common Implementation Centre (CIC) was created to ensure a coherent application of Horizon 2020 legislation by all services implementing the programme. The first ex-post audits in H2020 projects show that participants continue to make mistakes in their cost claims. A persistent high error rate damages the reputation of the EU Framework Programme and of research in general. Also, for the beneficiaries, such errors may lead to annoying and costly consequences. To avoid them as much as possible, the Commission has prepared a short guidance document on "How to avoid errors when claiming costs in H2020 grants".

Research and Innovation are vital for the creation of jobs, growth and competitiveness, and for tackling societal challenges in Europe. Through the participation in Horizon 2020, the beneficiaries contribute greatly to the achievement of those objectives with excellence-based research and innovation projects, leading to new products, processes and services. The objective is to make this participation even more successful by turning Horizon 2020 into an error-free programme!

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